Работа была создана для конкурса
Расположение: Заславль, Минская область, Республика Беларусь
Год выпуска проекта: 2008
Мои функции в проекте: 3д визуализация

История: Церковь была построена в 1570-е гг. Николаем Глебовичем на территории Заславского замка. Во II половине XVII века перестроена.Вначале это был протестантский кальвинистский храм, а затем в 60-х годах XIX в. здание было превращено в православную церковь.

Short history: the Calvinist Cathedral - survived among all previous constructions erected within Zaslavl castle by the Jan Glebovich in late 16th century. Today, it is the Russian Orthodox Church of Savior’s Transfiguration. Stern church in Gothic-Renaissance style consists of a rectangular single-nave katholikon, bridged with cross ceilings and 35 meter height six-section tower. The facades of the building and towers contained windows with semi-circular and segmental arches, combined with support devices, used in defense. The Cathedral functioned as a Calvinist church for a short period of time. Nikolai, the son of Jan Glebovich, after accepting Catholicism gave the building to the Catholic Church. In 1632, Nikolai died, and the new owners of Zaslavl – Kazimir and Kristina Sapiehas – donated the western part of the castle to the Dominican order. The cathedral was consecrated in the name of Saint Michael the Archangel in the same year. In 1839, the area entered Minsk region Orthodox eparchy and the building become an orthodox church. From 1990s until today, the cathedral functions under the name The Church of Savior’s Transfiguration.

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